Hello and WELCOME to my world!

I took a strange route in getting here but I’m sure glad that I made it!  I got my Bachelors Degree in Finance and Accounting at Texas Christian University (GO FROGS!!) in 2003.  After a few years working in the Accounting Industry, I felt like there was something missing and I wanted a little more out of life.  Ever since I was I young, I was always interested in different forms of Art, including Photography and Graphic Design.  Who knew that my love of KidPix and Paintbrush as an elementary school kid would lead to this?!  In 2008, I started pursuing these passions a bit further.  I started to learn current programs for design, photo editing as well as learning more about photography.  I was able to land a job at an Architecture and Design company that allowed me to dabble in some of the Graphic Design work for them while I was crunching away on the accounting numbers.  Over the last few years family, friends, and new clients have given me so many opportunity to test my skills, build my portfolio, and provide my photography services and designs for them.  It is because of them that I was I able to have the confidence to step away from the accounting job and take a leap on my own to really focus on what I love doing!  It is because of them and you that I can truly feel passionate about what I do!  Thanks for taking the time to read about me and check out my site!  I hope you enjoy the work that I have created!

live your dreams with

energy & passion

© Heather Zak Christian